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Children’s Feet & their Gaits

Did you know that a lot of toddlers walk high up on their tip toes? This is true. By the age of around three years old, many toddlers will adopt this gait when walking. There have been many leading orthopaedic studies on children’s feet, and reasons behind why many toddlers walk on their tip toes. […]

Children’s Feet & Walking Habits

The majority of tots have a habit of walking on their tip toes when learning how to walk. Many toddlers by the age of three begin walking on their feet, however many don’t. As an orthopaedic surgeon of children’s feet, I’m aware of particular neurological disorders that can stop a small child from walking on […]

Winter Time & your Child’s Feet

With the winter now officially upon us in the UK, many parents are making sure their children’s feet are protected. This article focuses on the three winter foot tips every parent should take to safeguard their children’s feet. Enjoy!  Winter Footwear Winter is a time where many parents buy their children warm, winter boots to […]

Caring for your Child’s Feet

Caring for your children’s feet is crucial for their future development. As your child grows, so too does their bones and so it’s so important to ensure their feet and ankles are properly monitored and looked after. By looking after your child’s feet today, you will safeguard them tomorrow and help protect them from future […]