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20 Fascinating Foot & Ankle Facts

Our feet and ankles are crucial for us in our everyday lives. They provide us with balance and mobility and are extremely important limbs. With this in mind, below are 20 fascinating facts about our feet and ankles you may or may not already know! Remember to check for any foot and ankle injuries you […]

A Little Exercise is Good for Ankle Arthritis

For many people living in the UK, suffering from ankle arthritis, when they experience sudden pain in their joints it’s natural for them to want to rest and avoid any strenuous activities. Many arthritis sufferers may avoid exercise altogether as they don’t want to aggravate their ankle joint area. However, whilst resting the joint may […]

Home DIY: Foot and Ankle Safety Guide

Are you aware that many foot and ankle related injuries happen because of accidents concerning home DIY? Whether you’re overstretching when painting the walls or you suddenly twist your ankle as you put up new shelves, accidents can occure when we fail to look where we’re going. Below are 3 tips to help you safeguard […]

RICE: Ankle Sprain Breakdown

You may have heard of the medical acronym, ‘RICE’ regarding sprains and injuries; but you may be unaware of what it stands for and how it can help in an emergency. Fear not, the following article explains the RICE acronym and also provides great and helpful tips on how you can use it to reduce […]

Top Four Foot & Ankle Myths Exposed!

Many UK residents, have experienced some type of slight foot and ankle injury in their lifetime. Whether you sustain a foot and ankle sports injury whilst playing tennis or if you’ve experienced a severe break; foot and ankle injuries are bound to happen. However, when foot and ankle injuries occur, it’s crucial you’re aware of […]

What are the 5 Potential Causes of Bunions?

Many people within the UK suffer from foot bunions. They can be extremely painful and make walking incredibly difficult in some extreme cases. The medical name often referred to bunions is hallux valgus. A foot bunion (hallux valgus) is the consequence of a malformation in the joint of the big toe. The 5 potential causes […]