3 Reasons for Common Foot Discomfort

Do you have discomfort at the top part of your foot? Maybe you are suffering from a sports injury? If you do then you know how frustrating it can be. Day-to-day activities like walking, stretching even light exercise can be painful. If this sounds like you, then there are a few causes for your foot […]

Foot and ankle rehabilitation

A few suggestions for the rehabilitation of your ankles and feet following a trauma or surgery. Water is our best ally to recover correct ankle functionality. Walking in water helps the patient regain confidence as well as to get back to a correct movement. The act of flotation supports the body, relaxes the muscles and […]

20 Fascinating Foot & Ankle Facts

Our feet and ankles are crucial for us in our everyday lives. They provide us with balance and mobility and are extremely important limbs. With this in mind, below are 20 fascinating facts about our feet and ankles you may or may not already know! Remember to check for any foot and ankle injuries you […]

Top 3 Tips Orthopaedics Give Patients Regarding Sandals

Sandals need to be firm! Sandals that are too fragile, fail to support your feet and ankles. Incorrect footwear can result in foot and ankle injuries over time. By wearing a sandal that offers no support to your foot or ankle can result in swelling and severe arch discomfort. Shockingly, as time progresses this can […]

Top 3 Fracture Tips

In the UK, many people experience some kind of sporting injury, like a fracture. If you’re active in a sport like running for example, then you’re already aware of the high risks associated with suffering a fracture or other type of sports injury due to the high intensity training schedules you may put yourself through .  […]

Top Four Foot & Ankle Myths Exposed!

Many UK residents, have experienced some type of slight foot and ankle injury in their lifetime. Whether you sustain a foot and ankle sports injury whilst playing tennis or if you’ve experienced a severe break; foot and ankle injuries are bound to happen. However, when foot and ankle injuries occur, it’s crucial you’re aware of […]