Hallux Valgus

Bunions (Hallux valgus): Top Two Shoelace Methods

Do you suffer with bunions (Hallux valgus) but enjoy outdoor pursuits like walking, rambling, running and jogging? If yes then like many active people living in the UK, you may find that living with bunions can be very painful and extremely inconvenient. Walking, let alone running, can cause extreme discomfort as your shoes continuously rub […]

Exposing Top 4 Bunion Surgery Fables

Below are four bunion surgery myths that aren’t true. By reading our four myth busters for bunions we hope you will be better informed on bunion surgery. Bunion surgery is painful. (False) This is not true! At Dr Federico Usuelli’s foot and ankle clinic, when it is absolutely necessary for an operation, then a less […]

Choosing the hallux valgus correction technique

There are a lot of techniques to correct the hallux valgus. How to choose the right one? Hallux valgus is a deformity of the first-foot toe which results laterally deflected. Sometimes, according to the deformity seriousness, it can also be linked to mallet fingers due to its lateral curvature and the pressure applied on those […]

Hallux valgus, does it exist a season to correct it?

Usually, the seasonal changes are the reason why a patient decides to go to the doctor. The “bunion”, this bothersome bursitis which arises with the presence of a hallux valgus, reminds us that it exists, and it swells, becomes inflammed and hurts every time we change our pair of shoes and we move on to […]

Shoes, fashion and hallux valgus.

Hallux valgus is definitely a very common pathology, resulting from the varus deviation of the first metatarsal. The role of footwear in the hallux valgus pathology The cause of this pathology is still unknown. Much is ascribed to wearing high-heeled shoes, even though this correlation has never been proven scientifically. In fact, the only fault […]