Alternative Exercises when you’ve Injured your Foot and Ankle

If you’ve recently injured your foot or ankle and need to recover for several weeks, many patients abandon their fitness routines and take time out from the gym. If you’re naturally active and a gym enthusiast, then spending several weeks away from any physical exercise can seem more painful than the actual injury itself. However, […]

Flying With a Sprained Ankle

If you’ve suffered a sprained ankle but need to travel by plane somewhere, then you may be wondering whether you can fly. The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is that whilst you can fly, you can only do so once you’ve received the correct treatment beforehand. Once you’ve been properly diagnosed you […]

The Truth About Heel Pain

The heel is positioned at the end of our feet and crucial for our balance. We often experience pain in our heels but sometimes fail to understand what causes it. Today, most people wear inappropriate shoes without realising it. Fashion usually takes precedence over practicality and many people opt for shoes that look good but […]

Sprained Ankle Vs Broken Ankle

A sprained ankle or a broken ankle, can leave a patient momentarily immobilised. Many people active in playing either basketball, football or tennis, are highly susceptible to injuring their ankles. Regarding an ankle sprain, the injury itself doesn’t last long, and takes a shorter timescale to recover compared to a broken ankle.  What’s the difference […]

4 Stress Fracture Survival Points

When many of us think of a stress fracture sporting injury, we often expect the worst. After dedicating long hours training for a race or marathon, a diagnosed stress fracture can seem like a huge set back. For many dedicated runners, they train day in day out and this can put a lot of repetitive […]