Foot and ankle rehabilitation

A few suggestions for the rehabilitation of your ankles and feet following a trauma or surgery. Water is our best ally to recover correct ankle functionality. Walking in water helps the patient regain confidence as well as to get back to a correct movement. The act of flotation supports the body, relaxes the muscles and […]

Plantar fasciitis

Are plantar fasciitis and calcaneal spine the same thing? For starters, the calcaneal spine is not a pathology but a radiologic description. Even amongst healthy patients, it is not uncommon to observe a spine-shaped prominence at plantar level, on the heel bone. For years we orthopedicians have clinged onto this image, proposing surgical removal or […]

Feet and bikes

Take care of your feet and ankles when cycling. The following testimony kindly made by one of my dearest patients who is also a professional cyclist, may be of great interest to bike enthusiasts who intend to practice this sport during their holidays. “At the age of six I decided to enter the bike racing […]

The foot and ankle in children who play rugby

Prevention and treatment of the foot and ankle in children who play rugby In Italy more and more people play rugby. With the Rugby World Cup coming up, thanks to the media coverage, it is likely that an increasing number of children will become passionate about this fine sport, to the point of asking their […]

Hallux valgus, does it exist a season to correct it?

Usually, the seasonal changes are the reason why a patient decides to go to the doctor. The “bunion”, this bothersome bursitis which arises with the presence of a hallux valgus, reminds us that it exists, and it swells, becomes inflammed and hurts every time we change our pair of shoes and we move on to […]

Child’s flat foot

Most of the times, a flat foot in children up to 7-8 years of age is an index of normality. In fact, the growth of a child which leads him from “crawling” to standing and a bipodalic walking, is marked by a lot of falls. As a consequence, during this moment, the child has the […]