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Foot and ankle rehabilitation

A few suggestions for the rehabilitation of your ankles and feet following a trauma or surgery. Water is our best ally to recover correct ankle functionality. Walking in water helps the patient regain confidence as well as to get back to a correct movement. The act of flotation supports the body, relaxes the muscles and […]

Lateral ankle and hindfoot instability: A new clinical based classification

1. Introduction Ankle sprains are one of the most common soft tissue injuriesaccounting for nearly 40% of sports injuries [1–7]. Sports requiringregular change of direction activities, such as basketball, football/soccer, running, and volleyball, have a higher incidence of ankleinjuries [1,8–12]. Conservative management is effective in treatingthese injuries in the majority of cases. Neverthel...

Idrochinesiterapia o Idrokinesiterapia

Idrochinesiterapia; il semplice camminare in acqua. Vediamo di chiarire però come una terapia così semplice possa essere così importante e addirittura fondamentale in seguito ad alcune tipologie di interventi o patologie. Cos’è la tecnica dell’Idrochinesiterapia Quello che si vuole ottenere con questa pratica è il riadattare propriocettivamente il piede e la caviglia al caric...