Are you in Danger of Developing Bunions?

Are you in danger of developing foot bunions? Before you answer this question, it may be useful for you to read the following article. Worryingly, many patients living within the UK are unknowingly putting themselves in danger of developing painful bunions by falling in to these bunion danger zones. The following article highlights the three […]

Heel Discomfort Facts

Heel pain can be the cause of many foot and ankle injuries in the UK. We rely on our heels for balance and so when we experience discomfort it can really affect our everyday life. Below are five symptoms of heel discomfort that UK patients should recognise. Swollen Heels: Every person has a different way of […]

Summer Gardening: Top Foot and Ankle Safety Tips

The summer is here and that means for many people living in the UK, it’s time to finally enjoy their garden. However, before one can do this, there remains the small issue of ‘gardening.’ The lawn which has grown to astronomical heights during winter and spring now needs mowing and the rose beds need pruning […]

Top 3 Most Dangerous Summer Shoes

Summer time usually means a great chance to wear your favourite summer shoes. You’ve waited all year to wear them and now’s your chance to show them off. However, did you know that many summer shoe styles can lead to ankle injuries? It’s true. Below are three summer shoe styles that can run the risk […]