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3 Great Orthopaedic Tips for Active People

At our leading orthopaedic clinic, we successfully diagnose and treat many English speaking patients with a variety of foot and ankle related sports injuries. From ankle sprains to heavy bruising, our feet and ankles are very susceptible to injuries. This is why it’s so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure our feet and […]

Top 3 Foot & Ankle Reinforcement Methods

Did you know that certain foot and ankle strengthening techniques can really help to toughen and regulate ankle joint mobility? It’s true! If you have suffered an ankle sprain or an ankle fracture or just want to improve the strength in your feet and ankles, then reinforcement techniques are a great way to start. Below […]

Foot and Ankle Sports Injury Lowdown

Many people who play sport can sustain a foot and ankle sports injury over the course of their lifetime. From ankle sprains to heavy bruising, their feet and ankles sustain various levels of trauma throughout our active lives. This article details the lowdown on foot and ankle sports injuries and answers three major questions many […]