Sprained Ankle

3 Grades of Ankle Sprains!

What Is a Sprained Ankle? Ankle sprains are of the most common injuries sustained by UK patients. This injury can happen when we overstretch or tear the ligaments that help support our ankles. Ankle sprains can be sustained by simply twisting or falling or even by suddenly shifting all of your weight on to your […]

The truth about Ankle Sprains

Sprained Ankle – The Facts Did you know that a sprained ankle injury is one of the most common injuries sustained in Badminton? It’s true. The reason for this can be accredited to the way Badminton players change direction on their feet which can cause the ankle to turn over on itself, especially if a player […]

Sprained Ankle Vs Broken Ankle

A sprained ankle or a broken ankle, can leave a patient momentarily immobilised. Many people active in playing either basketball, football or tennis, are highly susceptible to injuring their ankles. Regarding an ankle sprain, the injury itself doesn’t last long, and takes a shorter timescale to recover compared to a broken ankle.  What’s the difference […]

What Ankle Sprain Level are you?

Sprained Ankle? Ankle sprains are extremely common in the UK. Whenever we overstretch or suddenly twist our ankles we can sustain this type of ankle injury. A lot of ankle sprains fully recover without a patient needing surgery. If you think you may have sprained your ankle then this article will help you identify which […]

Harry Kane Out for 8 Weeks with Serious Foot and Ankle Injury

Another English football match and another unfortunate foot and ankle injury. This time it was England and Spurs striker, Harry Kane’s turn to join the growing list of injured Premier League footballers this year with foot and ankle injuries. Harry Kane could have of injured his ankle ligaments in his team’s win over Sunderland. The […]