Toronto, AOFAS 2016, we are here, the only Italian group: let’s present our studies for the main sessions.

Our program

Ankle prosthesis and subtalar joint arthrodesis combined in one intervention: it is a possible and practicable choice.

– A biological reconstruction of the cartilage with our arthroscopic technique: an innovation we presented two years ago and now, we are the first to proudly present its results.

Achilles tendon pathology and regenerative medicine: an important study, promoted thanks to the support from IRCCC Galeazzi, which saw the use of the mesenchymal (pluripotent) cells of the “fat” tissue of the abdomen for the first time, to treat the injured tendons.

Our ligamentous reconstruction technique of the anatomical ankle, and with only 4 tiny incisions (real “small holes”).

Once again, I have to thank my team: Miriam, Camilla, Luigi, Cristian and Claudia!

What is the AOFAS

Thank you for the success at the AOFAS, which is the meeting of the American Society, but it is also the most important meeting in the world of our discipline.

Every year, we meet American, European and Asian opinion leaders here, in order to exchange views regarding the most important topics of ankle and foot surgery.

We are here guys, thank you!